Seemingly a sexual tattoo, but quite the opposite is true.

I’m in love with the unconditional. The merging of woman and man.

I gave my heart 2 times over 27 winters and I would do it all again.

The first one I loved so deeply, it was merely an obsession.

It was inhuman and ravaging, a hard but well taught lesson.

This ink marks an era of my life to be fulfilled.

Healing wounds of rejection and abandonment instilled.

I learned that when it comes to love I’m always 100% in.

The art of loving is to love all parts, fluids, blood and skin.

This ink marks the 2nd time I gave my heart away, frightened.

This particular man showed me I could love again, enlightened.

His energy fills up the room and I become calm.

He’s my polar and my bear, I am putty in his palms.

Physically, emotionally, spiritually entwined.

The essence of divinity lies in a merging mind.

The vulnerability of a man inside a woman’s arms.

As lips touch and skin rubs, fluids flow their way into our hearts.

The perks of being devoured by another human being.

The masculine becoming weak inside the feminine gives meaning.

It’s poetry. It’s porn. A form of art, never to be explained.

Though I am whole on my own, I prefer my heart tainted.

I choose heartbreak over numbness cause it makes me feel alive.

You have not lived a day if you don’t let someone inside.

As two gasps of air become one and you forget who’s air you’re breathing.

I love unconditionally until the day my heart stops beating.”
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