Work It Out

Axeela Official

Posted on December 15 2017

I used to be a tomboy.

No high heels and no barbie toys.

Now I’m fitting skirts that sit so tight.

I’m all about that gym life.


I’ve grown into a big girl.

I’ve created my own world.

People ask me how the fuck I do.

I tell em let me spell it out for you.


I’ve always had my vision.

I didn’t wanna listen.

There was too much of ambition so I..


Was always singing in the kitchen.

Training for competition.

I knew I was on a mission so I..


Wrote myself some dreams on paper.

Told ‘em see you later.

Did myself a favor.

Cause if there’s one thing you should always do..

Is make sure that it works out for you.


I’ve been in business since I was 13.

Never knew this world could be so mean.

It made me wonder why God brought me here.

There were times I wanted to dissapear..


But if passion screams inside of you.

And there’s nothing else you’d rather do.

Know everyday it’s what your working for.

People will  ask so spell it out once more.

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