In your arms

Axeela Official

Posted on September 19 2017

It's mesmerizing how you take over my mind
How you put me onto paper and draw me with a smile
I was lost but now I'm found , you picked me up when he left me behind
and when I opened up my eyes there was you.
In your arms I'm safe, there's no other way, had to learn to love again.
In your arms I'll stay, if it is okay, cause here I won't have to pretend.
I am so happy, I am so calm right now. I am so lucky,
never thought that you could turn my world around.
It's mersmerizing how the two of us grew close.
How you touched something inside me and said you liked my voice.
I was crawled up in my castle but you build yourself a door.
Now you don't even have to knock anymore.
Never thought , never thought that you , never thought , never thought that you..
Never thought you could turn my world around.

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